Foldable Devices

The mechanical elements of foldable devices increase the complexity of device protection severalfold, where mechanical seals are no longer robust enough to deliver maximum protection. Only by using a molecular-based ultra-thin plasma coating can all corrodable parts be sufficiently protected to maximise device protection and increase product life-cycle.

Current Issues

Increased engineering complexity of hinges and sliders, make it extremely tricky to seal a device confidently to water ingress beyond the control of a manufacturing assembly line.

Through-life protection of the device, including product shipment and consumer use, is incredibly difficult with numerous engineering challenges to prevent liquid ingress following drops and bends; critical for preventing corrosion damage.

Differentiation from incumbent solutions

Liquid based applications of dip, spray and brush do not prevent liquid ingress. Their inability to give a complete uniform PCBA coverage leads to lower reliability and higher than necessary field failure return rates will be inevitable.

Parylene requires extensive masking + associated labour and excessive glues that are neither cost effective in production nor sustainable from a re-work / repair perspective.

Mechanical seals may allow a negative pressure test at the end of an assembly line to be passed, however shipment and consumer use leading to devices being dropped and flexed leads to catastrophic corrosion as the damaged or displaced physical seals allow liquids to penetrate and corrode the PCBA.

P2i's solution

Due to the challenges of preventing liquid ingress with these new designs, courtesy of the larger gaps created by the new engineered designs, Barrier Coating is deployed to achieve a molecular level of protection to cover both sides of the boards and complete component underfill. This leads to the thinnest and most reliable method to prevent corrosion damage to any designed device in the hands of the consumer.

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