LED Lighting

Ultra-thin plasma coatings help achieve the required operational and coating performance requirements by minimizing masking and associated labour costs, whilst providing a platform that can be used for multiple PCBA designs without needing to customise the solution.

Current Issues

Further reduce product failures from moisture diffusion and water condensation to from high heat and humidity environments, without affecting the optical transmission properties.

Ensure uniform coating thickness and flexibility to apply to different board designs and component features.

Differentiation from incumbent solutions

Vented designs now the norm to equalize pressure so mechanical solutions are no longer relevant for providing protection.

Liquid based conformal coatings and parylene require thicknesses that negatively affect optical transmission and so can’t be used on the LED, reducing the protection level afforded.

P2i's solution

Barrier Coating applied at the module level without LED masking maximises protection from high heat and humidity, with no negative affect to the optical transmission.

Our re-workable ultra-thin coating provides opportunities to reduce scrap on the assembly line and ensure high quality performance is deployed in the field, where product failures can be 100x the assembly line cost to fix.

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