Depositing protective plasma coatings at the molecular level that require no masking are essential for semiconductor applications where there are spatial and material adhesion challenges.

Current Issues

Due to continued miniturisation and electronification, conformal coatings are increasingly challenged to penetrate ever more complex, densely packaged components to insulate from moisture penetration.

Conformal coating should be localized to the areas and components where protection is applied and not move around when exposed to vibrations and temperature & humidity swings.

Increased reliability and shelf-life as full packages can be stored for long periods of time due to inventory needs.

Differentiation from incumbent solution

Incumbent liquid dispensed conformal coatings are too thick and do not satisfy future miniaturized board designs as too difficult to comply with no-go-zones for connectivity due to inherent viscosity, flow properties and lack of covalent attachment to the underlying substrates.

P2i's Solution

Barrier coating provides the thinnest conformal coating in the market at the molecular level, readily penetrating complex 3D items which covalently bonds to the target components and substrate.

The coating will allow full connectivity during device assembly, removing the need for electrical masking.

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