Hearing Aids

PFOA-free and PFAS-free coatings to protect electronics within hearing aids from corrosion damage are readily achievable with ultra-thin plasma coatings.

Current Issues

Corrosion protection technology that meets the industry trends of product miniaturization, reducing cost structure, reliability throughout use and incorporation of newer form factors and materials.

Must meet environmentally sustainable measures including use of green-chemistries (PFAS-free). Needs to be re-workable during and post manufacture whilst allowing repair and battery replacement in market to reduce e-waste.

Full-service offering that includes masking and demasking certain components and PCBA sites that should not be coated.

Differentiation from incumbent solutions

Ultra-thin coatings fit everywhere, much smaller than gaskets, tape, glue, liquid based conformal coatings as they work at the molecular level.

The fundamental approach allows repairability, less assembly test and reduced scrap vs parylene coated devices.

Permits full repairability and re-work where required, whilst meeting all chemical regulations.

P2i's solution

Splash-proof prevents liquid ingress into the treated device. Barrier Coating prevents any corrosion damage to the board should liquids get forced into the treated devices in such events that mimic >IPx2 forces. Examples of which are stronger sprays of liquids, immersions and heavy sweating environments.

Full operational capability to deliver end-to-end solutions for masking, protective coating treatment and de-masking to deliver to specific product and qualification criteria.

In addition to our Splash-proof offering protecting devices from liquid ingress, there is no change to the microphones or audio quality; fully differentiating from any other known coating technology from any supplier.

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