P2i has been working with medical manufactures for over ten years, delivering market-leading nanocoating liquid protection from oils, salts and other liquids. Our coatings are proven to be non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-sensitising to the skin and are also compliant for use with European Regulations.

Hearing Aids

P2i has been providing protection to hearing aids for over ten years. Today P2i works with many European and Japanese hearing aid suppliers, who account for nearly two-thirds (65%) of the overall hearing aid market.

In 2020 P2i launched a new solution for hearing aids, which is compliant with EU 2020/784 amendment to EU 2019/1021. This recently-updated regulation significantly restricts the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related compounds.

P2i has proven expertise in protecting hearing aids from damage caused by humidity, moisture, sweat and body oils. P2i’s coatings are non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-sensitising to the skin.

Emergency Services Equipment

The public rely on the bravery of our emergency services in a time of crisis. But although many hospitals may have the ability to control the environment their equipment operates in, out on location, the emergency services will often be working in intense, uncontrollable situations.

As well as wet weather and coastal environments, emergency responder equipment may well be subjected to extreme temperatures, high humidity and intense vibration.

P2i’s coatings are proven to provide continued protection even in the most intense environments: High Temperature High Heat (HTHH) testing, Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) testing and Thermal Shock testing, as well as being resistant to vibration damage.

E-Health Wearables

Wearable health technology encompasses a wide array of products: From Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) to fitness trackers, and from wearable blood pressure monitors to wearable electrocardiograms (ECGs).

But where the consumer goes, their wearable health technology goes with them. This can lead to damage from water and humidity, as well as body oils and sweat. At best product failure is an annoyance for consumers, but it can also cause unnecessary distress and, at worst, fatalities.

Not only are P2i’s coatings proven to be safe for medical use by a Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT), but they protect against the damage caused by body oils and salts contained within sweat and can be used on a range of materials, from fabrics to PCBAs, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to protect both integral components as well as whole devices.

Our Technology

P2i technology delivers market-leading liquid protection solutions for electronic products. Our patented plasma deposition processes offer unrivalled quality, protection and repairability, ensuring electronics keep working in any environment. Delivering protection from IPX1 to IPX8, P2i has a proven track record in mass production, having protected over 500 million electronic devices against liquid damage.


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Everyday protection – IPx1-2
An ultra-thin, hydrophobic and oleophobic nanocoating is applied to the full device, without compromising look, feel or performance. Splash-proof is targeted towards achieving an IPX1-IPX2 rating, with additional protection against high humidity and corrosive environments. Since 2011, P2i has worked with the world’s leading OEMs and brands to deploy our Splash-proof liquid repellent nanocoating technology.

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Accidents happen – IPx3-5
P2i Barrier provides unrivalled liquid protection for printed circuits board assemblies (PCBAs) in any electrical device. P2i’s revolutionary plasma coating delivers industry-leading protection and is fully reworkable, ensuring manufacturers reduce scrap and improve production yield while maximising liquid protection to increase product lifetime, reduce field repairs and returned products, and eliminate waste in the manufacturing process.

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Ruggedized performance – IPx6-8
Dunkable® provides lifetime IPX6-IPX8 protection to consumer electronics with no degradation even after damage to the outer case. No seals or gaskets are required as the device is protected from the inside out, with all components protected against water damage. Dunkable® is a unique end-to-end water protection solution that provides manufacturers with protection that lasts for the lifetime of the product.

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