Smart Electronics (IoT)

Smart Electronics (IoT)

P2i’s plasma coating technology provides comprehensive liquid and environmental protection for electronic components and products across smart ecosystems. From inter-connected home appliances to logistics and smart cities: P2i delivers reliability and quality to otherwise vulnerable electronics ensuring companies and consumers alike remain connected and part of “always-on” ecosystems.

Smart Logistics

The online shopping revolution has changed the face of the retail industry and logistics is now a key ingredient in e-commerce and the customer experience. Low efficiency and disordered logistics cause almost 25% of customer complaints in this sector. Both e-commerce and logistics industries are evolving towards a flexible, scalable and future-oriented technology to make them more effective and efficient.

New generations of IoT, such as Narrow Band IOT and GPS tracking, bring real-time data to both service providers and consumers, but gathering this data relies upon “always-on systems”. Their frequent exposure to extreme environmental conditions such as heavy rain and sea air can compromise or even destroy these delicate electronics.

P2i protects the electronic components within logistic chains, ensuring real-time data can continue to be gathered and used by both manufacturers and consumers. This ensures visibility, traceability and reliability from shipment to delivery.

Smart City

With around 70% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, the world is set to become an “always-on”, “always-connected” society. With rapid proliferation of electronics and technology, devices are being implemented into all areas of our everyday lives to improve efficiency and safety, as well as to reduce the cost and impact to the environment. Spanning from the spaces we work in, to the roads we drive on, the places we spend our free time and even in and around our own homes, electronic devices have become common place and will continue to increase in number.

Key to the adoption of these embedded systems will be reliability in all conditions 24/7. P2i offers solutions that allow smart products to operate come rain or shine, reduce failure rate, eliminate maintenance costs and increase product lifetime.

Smart Home

Smart home systems and devices not only provide convenience but also peace of mind for homeowners against threats or dangers. The smart home market includes a range of products: From devices that perform everyday tasks and those used to automatically control household appliances, to securing the property through cameras and smart locks. But consumer satisfaction for convenience and security depends on the reliability of these products, therefore protection against the environment plays a really important role, no matter where consumers choose to locate or use their devices in and around their homes.

P2i protection helps increase the product lifetime and reliability of devices, whether they are used inside or outside the home. This allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind smart-home systems and devices provide.

Our Technology

P2i technology delivers market-leading liquid protection solutions for electronic products. Our patented plasma deposition processes offer unrivalled quality, protection and repairability, ensuring electronics keep working in any environment. Delivering protection from IPX1 to IPX8, P2i has a proven track record in mass production, having protected over 500 million electronic devices against liquid damage.


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Everyday protection – IPx1-2
An ultra-thin, hydrophobic and oleophobic nanocoating is applied to the full device, without compromising look, feel or performance. Splash-proof is targeted towards achieving an IPX1-IPX2 rating, with additional protection against high humidity and corrosive environments. Since 2011, P2i has worked with the world’s leading OEMs and brands to deploy our Splash-proof liquid repellent nanocoating technology.

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Accidents happen – IPx3-5
P2i Barrier provides unrivalled liquid protection for printed circuits board assemblies (PCBAs) in any electrical device. P2i’s revolutionary plasma coating delivers industry-leading protection and is fully reworkable, ensuring manufacturers reduce scrap and improve production yield while maximising liquid protection to increase product lifetime, reduce field repairs and returned products, and eliminate waste in the manufacturing process.

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Ruggedized performance – IPx6-8
Dunkable® provides lifetime IPX6-IPX8 protection to consumer electronics with no degradation even after damage to the outer case. No seals or gaskets are required as the device is protected from the inside out, with all components protected against water damage. Dunkable® is a unique end-to-end water protection solution that provides manufacturers with protection that lasts for the lifetime of the product.

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