Accidents Happen

An innovative solution designed to provide advanced liquid protection to electronic components

Barrier coating with Zero Masking is an innovative nano coating solution for use on sensitive electronic components.

It offers advanced component-level protection on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with no masking of inbound and outbound electrical contacts.

From IoT sensors in the automotive and agriculture sectors, to smartphones and headphones, the increased level of liquid protection that Barrier Coating with Zero Masking can provide OEMs with, dramatically enhances the reliability of devices with a fully integrated, and proven manufacturing process.

Best-in-class PECVD process penetrates sophisticated PCBA & critical components
Non-degraded nano-coating film throughout device life cycle. Rework is possible after repair
Premium insulating film protects PCBA when in direct contact with water
Device design freedom of space and layout utilization
Ease of implementation without R&D effort. Minimized material cost
Increase device reliability by both hydrophobic and electric-insulating effect
Protects device from liquid, salt, fog and corrosion without affecting device functionaility
Built brand image and reputation, enhance customer satisfaction & reduce churn

P2i has revolutionised the entire production process utilizing new technologies and chemical compositions to provide uniform protection against liquid damage on a range of devices, without compromising functionality.

Zero electrical masking ensures that components are fully protected against water submersion whilst external connectors remain fully functional. This means that the performance of the device is not compromised.

The greatest need for protection is where critical connectors have a high electrical current passing through them and when in contact with water or liquids are at the greatest risk of corrosion.