Ruggedized performance – without the Ruggedized Look

Dunkable® – A radically different approach

P2i Dunkable® is a revolutionary technology that protects electronic devices from within.

Unlike traditional mechanical protection, Dunkable® doesn’t degrade through impact, environmental stress or even total submersion, providing unparalleled protection for the lifetime of your device.

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P2i Dunkable® benefits

  • Enables Engineering and Industrial Design freedom
  • Less constraints on physical dimensions or aesthetics
  • Long Term Reliability – Life-time protection no degradation with outer-case damage
  • Possible to rework cheaper & easier
  • Integrated QA process
  • Total cost of ownership lower than mechanical solutions
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduce repair costs
  • End to End System level solution
  • Seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes

A complete end to end solution

Dunkable® Process


P2i showcased our full range of water protection solutions at the show, all of which enable electronic manufacturers to create a competitive edge. With the rise of 5G and the manufacturing of bold, flexible and thinner smartphone designs,  P2i can  truly unlock a world of limitless possibilities across a range of electronic devices. Our next generation technology  Dunkable is now available.  #ProtectedbyP2i.