Everyday protection

Our pioneer technology Splash-proof provides basic protection against liquid damage to a range of products.

We work directly with OEMs to deploy our patented Splash-Proof technology to make devices water resistant, improving their reliability and enabling them to survive liquid exposure in everyday accidents.

We believe this is the minimum protection every electronic device should have. Applications for our liquid repellent nanocoating technology are endless, as every device can benefit from increased protection against liquid exposure.

Our ultra-thin, invisible nanocoating adds to the functionality of devices without compromising look, feel or performance.

To date, we have dramatically increased the reliability of devices covering smartphones, headphones, Bluetooth headsets and hearing aids. Significant improvements in liquid related field return rates provide a positive return on investment and greater satisfaction for the end user.

Causes of liquid damage to displays

P2i Splash-proof protects against:

P2i Splash Proof

Some of the benefits our customers enjoy include:

  • Increased reliability and durability – our technology protects devices from premature failures associated with liquid damage, making them more reliable in all environments and increasing their lifetime expectancy.
  • Return on investment – increased reliability and durability means that repair and replacement costs fall, reszulting in an immediate return on investment.
  • Carrier tests – manufacturers excel at reliability tests when using P2i’s technology. This includes the IPX shower tests and other standard network trials.
  • Brand reputation – by producing long-lasting, water-resistant devices, manufacturers see their customer satisfaction rates and brand reputation surge.
  • Marketability – With an increased awareness, liquid repellency is a unique selling point that sets P2i’s customers apart from competitors and helps them stand out in a crowded market.
  • Reduced Field Failure Returns – reducing water damage related returns by up to 40%.


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Case Studies

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