Case Studies

Case Studies

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Learn more about our co-brand initiatives with our Partner Xiaomi to raise brand awareness and educate Xiaomi business and consumer markets on the benefits of P2i technology.

P2i has launched with Xiaomi a number of co-brand initiatives to raise brand awareness to educate Xiaomi business and consumer markets on the benefits of P2i technology. Since partnering with Xiaomi in July 2017, P2i has been working closely to offer our technology on some of their smartphones.

The campaign was endorsed and promoted by Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director for Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain who said “ if only phones had superpowers, till then, we’ve got #RedmiNote6Pro covered with superior P2i water repellent technology. Now guard your device against accidental spills, rain and humidity”.

Poly (formerly Plantronics)

Download the Case Study: Poly (formerly Plantronics) are an innovator in audio and wearable technology. Their headphones and headsets are intended for use in the gym or on the go. This exposes the devices to higher levels of liquid damage due to the greater risk of sweat and harsh weather environments. P2i’s liquid repellent coatings have been protecting Poly (formerly Plantronics) devices from these risks since 2012.

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GN ReSound

Download the Case Study: GN ReSound Group, the technology leader in hearing solutions, has been using P2i’s nano-coating to improve the reliability and durability of their hearing aids since 2010, using the name iSolate. In over ten years of operation, GN ReSound has processed several million of their hearing aids with P2i technology.

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Audina Protects Hearing Aids with P2i Nano-coating Technology

Five times more durable than leading market competition.
Moisture, sweat and body oils can all contribute to hearing aid breakdown and failure.

How does it work and help?

“This high-tech coating system ensures that the sensitive electronic components are protected thus providing optimal durability and performance. P2i nano-coating dramatically lowers the product’s liquid surface friction, so when humidity or sweat come into contact with a device, beads form and simply roll off”.

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