Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

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Coating Specification Guidance

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Conformal Coating Solutions

P2i’s unique technology offering works at the molecular level. This delivers the thinnest, most robust liquid protection on the market. This approach allows us to enhance any solid surface and maximise protection.

Our ultra-thin barrier coatings offer the full range of liquid and environmental protection. This includes achieving IPx1-IPx8+ for electronic devices.

We achieve this full range by delivering both liquid repellency and barrier properties.

Splash-proof is a complete device-level repellent coating. Applied to the finished product at the end of the assembly line, before package and ship. This protects the device from liquid ingress from splashes and spills.

Barrier is a PCBA level electrical insulating layer. Applied post Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line, before final assembly. This protects treated PCBAs from corroding following exposure to harsh environments and immersion.

P2i Solutions

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