Driving lower total cost of ownership and sustainability

Driving lower total cost of ownership and sustainability

Protective Coating Companies Form Association to Further Global Sustainability Goals
The newly formed United Electronics Coating Association (UECA) will develop technical and market solutions to further environmental and sustainability goals globally for all electronic products. 

[LONDON] – March 15, 2023 The United Electronics Coating Association (UECA) has officially launched its operations to bring together key protective coating companies to work together to support regulation in favor of environmental goals as well as develop both technical and market solutions to improve electronic product sustainability.

David Greenman, the UECA’s Chairman, stated, “As the world continues exponential growth and reliance upon electronics products, it’s critical that businesses and organizations do their part to ensure this growth is sustainable. The UECA is excited to meet these challenges head-on through an organized effort of resources and talent.”

The UECA has pooled its resources among its members to tackle objectives, including regulations and legislation, marketing and policy, and standards. A paper outlining the association policy objectives can be found at www.theUECA.org.

Founding member companies of the UECA include: ActnanoEuroplasmaHumiSealHZOInventecP2iSpecialty Coating Systems, and VSi Parylene, and is managed by BEAMA in the UK. Membership is currently open to relevant companies and can be applied for at www.theUECA.org.

About the United Electronics Coating Association (UECA)

The United Electronics Coating Association (UECA) was established in 2022 to support, develop and deliver to markets sustainable electronic coating solutions in line with the principles of the Circular Economy, recyclable electronics, and re-usability.

Press Contact – Howard Porter


When the Sustainability Revolution began to gain pace in the early noughties, companies initially, and understandably, looked inwards. The first drive in sustainable credentials was to put your own house in order, with directives around energy usage, packaging and materials, employee behaviours and a raft of initiatives that looked to lessen carbon footprint and increase green awareness on all fronts. So far so good.

It’s not just about you
But the requirement for profitability has always meant that commercially, quality at the best price, was the Mother Lode in terms of developing an increasingly global supply chain. While this brought frontline commercial benefits, and globalization has seen economies burgeon the world over, it has also brought companies the burden of scrutiny across the chain: Sustainability an increasing focus in this regard.

A wide-ranging Impact Policy
P2i has been on its own Environmental journey since its inception in 2004. Like other companies, P2i apply non-financial factors in order to analyze processes and identify material risks and growth opportunities. As a global leader in sustainably protecting products, P2i are dependent on collaborating with a complex supply chain of innovative partners. Our needs are not necessarily driven by price, though of course a factor, but in the need to keep developing P2i products to be ever more efficient and exceptional through time.

Working with the industry
Today P2i are developing a robust range of protection solutions that ensures the lowest total cost of ownership for conformally protecting electronics from corrosion damage, whilst ensuring the highest reliability and circularity. As the leader in ultra-thin plasma conformal coating solutions and having commercialised a generation of halogen-free plasma conformal coatings, P2i work with customers who have profound Supply Chain Sustainability programmes that run in parallel with our own efforts and ensure the best-in-class performance for all stakeholders.

Striking carbon emission reductions
Our advances within the industry are considerable. For example, P2i could save 50K tonnes carbon emissions on mobile phones, which is a sizeable amount of OEM’s suppliers’ carbon emissions avoided. This success is the result of our in-house expertise and capabilities as a sector front-runner and also on the high demands of our suppliers, who work with us to establish best-in-class products.

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