P2i continues to build its global leadership in liquid repellency.

Our R&D team is developing a new range of functional nano coatings which can bring beneficial properties to different products. The applications these offer are countless and we are eager to explore them with our customers. At P2i, we are always looking to diversify our unique technology into other sectors.

Thanks to continuing investment in research and development, our world-class team are looking to develop new anti-stain, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-microbial and protein resistant functional nano coatings. These create a world of possibilities by enabling us to add new functionalities to a wide range of products.

In the life sciences and filtration sectors, P2i has ongoing projects to scale up its hydrophilic functional nano coating. This coating aims to encourage surface wetting while resisting the adhesion of protein structures to the surface of a range of bio-consumable and filtration products.

The possibilities are endless for P2i as our technology continues to open doors to the world’s leading companies, all of which are constantly on the lookout for game-changing improvements in reliability and performance.