P2i partners with air filter media and filter assembly manufacturers to enhance the performance of their products by dramatically increasing oil and water repellency.

P2i’s nano coatings extend the performance of a filter by preventing the absorption of water and oil, so they can be used in demanding environments such as automotive and avionics. Our nano coatings permeate the substrate during application, attaching throughout

the pore structures without affecting the engineered pore size. As the inventors of the technology, we have a number of delivery options available including roll-to-roll processing and the application of the technology to complicated three-dimensional products.


P2i is able to achieve exceptional levels of oil and water repellency because of the unique and patented combination of pulsed-plasma deposition and the fluoropolymer chemistry of the coating.

The process for roll-to-roll and assemblies is proven in commercial operations worldwide. Although there is a great variety in equipment for applying the technology, all systems use the same core technology:

– Devices are loaded into the chamber.

– All the air is removed from the process chamber using vacuum pumps so that the products are held at low pressure. A radio frequency (RF) plasma activates the


device’s surface, ensuring water and other contaminants which could disrupt the bonding are removed and free-radical sites are created.

– The monomer is introduced as a vapor and a pulsed radio-frequency (RF) plasma is used to polymerize it and bond it to the free-radical sites on the surfaces. The low pressure in the chamber means that the monomer can permeate into all areas of the substrate so that the polymer coats all surfaces – internal and external. The result is an ultra-thin layer of polymer which is just a few nanometers thin.

– The chamber is then vented back to room pressure and the items removed. With no requirement for post-curing, the product is ready for use.


P2i’s nano coatings can increase oil and water repellency in any filtration media whilst maintaining pore size distribution and airflow.

The coating is chemically bonded to every surface: our unique coating creates low surface energy capable of repelling all liquids including water, oils and alcohols. The process is applied using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition which forms a durable bond between the coating and practically any surface.

Furthermore, P2i’s technology enhances the performance and applicability of naturally water repellent materials such as polypropylene and PTFE. By dramatically increasing the levels of oil and alcohol repellency, filters can be used in the most demanding environments such as automotive, industrial, gas turbine, and pharmaceutical product protection.

Ongoing research and development ensures new opportunities for P2i and its partners, that will extend applicability to a wide range of filters and technical textiles.