P2i’s technology started as a way to protect soldiers.

Since 1996 we have been developing hydrophobic technologies to protect soldiers’ uniforms from chemical attacks whilst preserving the natural airflow and drape of the fabrics. We still work closely with the UK Ministry of Defence and several of the world’s leading military and institutional organizations.

P2i was created in 2004 to commercialize the technologies developed by our CTO Dr Stephen Coulson and the UK Government’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory. Together, they created a unique nano-scale polymer coating which protects soldiers’ uniforms from chemical and biological hazards.

The key to P2i’s success is making fabrics, such as cotton, liquid repellent, without changing their breathability or other properties. Traditional protective uniforms used non-porous materials with little breathability and reduced mobility. While blocking the chemicals, the heat and moisture generated through exertion in the field could not be expelled through the fabric, leading to heat stress and low work efficiency.

We have perfected our nano coating technology to provide the highest levels of liquid repellency as we process completed garments, thus ensuring seams, stitching and even zippers are treated with our nano coating. With our technology, there are no weak points attracting or absorbing hazardous liquids that might pose a danger to soldiers in the course of duty.